Interior Decor Diaries: Our first interior decorating job ever!

Interior Decor Diaries: Our first interior decorating job ever!

We had 2 weeks to furnish an entire home and this is what we did! 

So we didn't exactly sign up to be doing interior decor, it sort of just fell into our hands and because we love homes and furniture so much, we couldn't say no! 

We turned this gorgeous 2 bedroom Kileleshwa apartment into a home with warm colours and Kenyan aesthetic all around. The goal was to be as Kenyan as possible with the target market of the home being expatriates looking for a taste of the motherland. 

Our client had one condition, use as much of her own furniture as we could so we got off to picking and choosing the perfect pieces to blend her style with Savannah Space. 

When doing interior decor, its important to have a theme to work with otherwise you will be all over the place. Your theme could be based on colour, time-period, aesthetic or even utility. Once you find your theme, you've found your foundation. The best way to lay out your theme is by creating a mood board- use e-mood boards like Pinterest to save the hassle of cutting and piecing paper together (also, the environment, Yay!). 

We chose 'Kenyan earth-tonnes' as our theme and got to work. The first part of the house we worked on was the entrance wall. We knew this had to be a huge statement piece, after all, this was the first thing people see when they enter the house. Using this stunning mirror from Skeey Decors, the always visually friendly tonga baskets from Rwanda Traditional Wear and a few pieces from the Maasai market, we created this accent wall. It was important for us to keep the colours all within the same family to create some form of uniformity. 


The living room was possibly the hardest part to furnish. We were torn between keeping the colours cool with greys and blacks to balance the natural light coming into the apartment and using this light to emphasise colours and patterns. We wen't for both. 

Using these Santana Africa lamps, one black and cool and the other mustard and vibrant, we were able to make two contrasting aesthetics complement each other. We tied this look in with this stunning Workshop Nairobi chair and these Kiondo's from Erika's Antique which we used as plant pots. 


As per the usual, we love tonga baskets, check out how we used them to accentuate this balcony wall. We love how all the colours of this balcony come together! 



Between the living room and bedrooms, its always a race for hardest room to furnish. These are such intimate spaces that have to be treated with absolute respect. We wanted to make sure that the colours fit into the theme of the house whilst at the same time were aesthetically pleasing to most people. 


We went with cooler tones for the guest bedroom. Using mudcloth throw pillows and framed Kuba Cloth as well as this absolutely stunning woven rug. 



For the master bedroom, we were seeing red. We wanted something vibrant but not too overwhelming. So instead of making red the focal point by making large changes like painting the wall or using red bedding, we went for accents like throw pillows, artwork and another gorgeous woven rug. 



Some other pieces we loved working with in the house were this useful keychain holders from Nyumbani Trends and these gorgeous chargers from Moon Monkey. 


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