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Wall Mirrors, Decorative Mirrors, Big Mirrors, Small Mirrors; We've got mirrors!

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Finding contemporary mirrors in Kenya is a task not made for the faint hearted. They are either low quality imports or incredibly expensive well...imports. Being the passionate furniture fanatics that we are, we searched long and hard to find a suitable vendor who makes quality mirrors at affordable prices. Yay us! 

Here's a list of contemporary mirrors for your home and #inspo pictures to get you visualising. We've also included an approximate quote for each. 


1. Obscure entryway mirrors

Entryway mirrors are the creme de la creme of first interior decor impressions. They set the scene for the themes, colours and textures that characterise a home. They're also pretty handy for giving yourself one final touch up or 'eish shawry kwani ni we we' pep talk (thanks Muchai Michelle) as you leave your home. Wow your guests with a uniquely shaped entryway mirror that shows off your adventurous side. 

Image from The Gem Picker via Pinterest. 

Price: This mirror would go for Ksh 12,500. 


2. Grand circular mirrors

Round mirrors are literally the mirror shape that make sense everywhere. From entryways to bathrooms, round mirrors are great at adding extra shapes to your home that contrast the usual boxy furniture. Round mirrors with subtle frames are perfect for adding sophisticated clean lines to your home. 



Image from The Gem Picker via Pinterest. 

Price: You could get this mirror with a diameter of 55 inches for Ksh 7,500 - 8,000. 


3. Simplistic Full length Mirror 

Everyone needs a full length mirror. How else will you get a head to toe representation of your new outfit? Or take OOTD selfies till you drop? Full length mirrors are also great for making your home look bigger due to the bigger surface area for light to bounce off. 

Image from Decortez via Pinterest 

Price: A mirror like this would run you about Ksh 15,000. 


4. Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are interesting because they double up as functional necessities as well as decorative pieces. But for those of you looking to get the latter our of them. Smaller mirrors in different shapes and sizes are lovely decorative additions to your home. Place them on an accent wall with stylish wall art to complete the look. 


Image from Decoist via Pinterest

Price: A set of this would go for Ksh 4,500


Call +254 725 329 266 or email to place an order. Check out what our vendor did for Sheila Ndinda's Spritz Hair Studio


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    Hi, I’m looking for that 55 inch diameter round mirror just like the picture

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    I am looking for full length mounted mirrows Value for money

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    Hello, am looking for very round small mirrors

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