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Stay Safe and Healthy!
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Plants and Plant Care: The 5 must have plants for your home!

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Plants are an affordable way to add some life to your home with their vibrant colours and textures. We've come up with a list of the must have plants for your home!


1. Succulents...obviously 

Price: Ksh 300-400 

These are perfect for small spaces like shelves or coffee tables that need an extra bit of colour to them. Succulents come in different colours so whatever your aesthetic, we're sure you'll find one that fits! 

Plant Care: Water once a week with ample amounts of really, soak them. But make sure the soil is completely dry before you water them. 

2. Sansevieria Trifasciata or Viper's Bowstring Hemp 

Price: Ksh 500-800 

Aside from their dreamy name that reminds us of the French Riviera or some other exotically European holiday destination, these are great indoor plants in particular because they are superb air purifiers! Sansevieria for the win! 

Plant Care: Water every two weeks. Make sure the soil is almost completely dry before you water them to avoid your plant rotting out. They need a ton of heat so place them somewhere warm with lots of light. 

3. Cactus

Price: Depends on the size. Small ones can go for Ksh 500 while large ones can go for Ksh 2000. 

Cactuses come in incredible amounts of varieties with over 1000 species. They are perfect for the lazy at heart because they generally don't need much care. They come in a huge range of shapes and sizes so however large or quaint your home is, were sure you can find a cactus friend to keep you company. 

Plant Care: Always make sure they soil is completely dry before watering. Be sure to drain your pots, cacti hate swimming in water. As for how often you should water them, this really depends on the type of cactus. 

4. Rascal 

Price: 800 

Although not usually used as indoor plants, Rascals are wonderful little non-problematic creatures. They're slow growing and aren't too fussy about sunlight or soil type. 

Plant Care: Water once a week. 

5. Ficus Robusta

Price: 1800

While they don't necessarily have the prettiest name, Ficus' are beautiful as indoor plants mostly because they are a perfect blend of tropical and structural aesthetics. 

Plant Care: These are the most fussy of the bunch and need a little extra love and attention. Don't water them if the soil is still wet and keep them in relatively humid spaces with indirect light. They can't stand wind so try not to place them near a window or windy area. 


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